Friday, June 27, 2008

Who is really behind the church???

CASE operatives are constantly trying to determine who is really sending out the orders to the faithful. It is an important question in determining how best to expose the theists as delusional and dangerous to society in general.

For instance, CASE is aware of several links between homegrown terrorist group Operation 513 and Ray Comfort of the Way of the Master ministry. Ray Comfort is a New Zealander - so we all know what that means:-

If you aren't aware, the Way of the Master ministry is effectively an online shopping network devoted to selling all of the goods that you will need for evangelism. The Australian franchise is operated by John Legg and offers all the materials you would need from gospel tracts, presentation boards (which are meant to deceive passersby) and even a soap box, specially designed by a former aeronautical engineer. Yes the PSB2, preacher box can be yours for the low, low price of $199.00. Here is the testimonial:-

If you are an Open Air Preacher or you would like to be. You are going to love the PSB2 (custom designed, foldable preacher's soapbox, second edition) made especially for you. Designed by an ex-aeroplane engineer, you can be assured that it is structurally safe and built to last. And just to make sure, we've been testing them on the street for the last 12 months. Everyone who sees them says they are amazing, so we thought we'd better make them available so you can get your own.

CASE notes that the Gospel tracts handed out by Operation 513 appear to be the same as shown on the Way of the Master shop, including the infamous Aussie Million dollar note:-

The tract says:
The million-dollar question: Will you go to Heaven? Here's a quick test. Have you ever told a lie, stolen anything, or used God's name in vain? Have you looked with lust? Which is adultery of the heart in God's eyes. Will you be guilty on Judgment Day? If you have done those things, God sees you as a lying, thieving, blasphemous, adulterer-at-heart. The Bible warns that if you are guilty you will end up in Hell. That's not God's will. He sent His Son to suffer and die on the cross for you. Jesus took your punishment upon Himself: “God so loved the world that He gave His only begotten Son, that whoever believes in Him should not perish but have everlasting life.” Then He rose from the dead and defeated death. Please, repent (turn from your sin) today and trust in Jesus, and God will grant you everlasting life. Then read your Bible daily and obey it.
Query: Why would Christians need to use fear if they are right?

But who is really behind this marketing drive? Knowing that the church uses fear tactics and deception CASE began an indepth 6 month undercover operation. At the end of this massive operation CASE operatives finally discovered the source of the pox upon mankind and is prepared to reveal it. This damning photograph was taken at a congregation of Church elders, its the guy in the front of the procession in this photograph:-


Ryan Hemelaar said...

You asked the question, "Why would Christians need to use fear if they are right?"

That does not logically follow. Someone can use fear, but also be correct. For example, if someone wants to communicate to smokers that they should quit smoking, it is very legitimate for them to warn the smokers of the consequences of them continuing smoking (lung cancer, etc). Or if you are a parent, and you want to warn your child of the dangers of playing on the road then you will stress the possible outcome of being hit by a car.

Even in countries where there have been wars, and there are still unexploded mines remaining today, the local population are warned time and time again of the danager of stepping on a landmine. Fear is a good thing, as often it prevents people from being hurt. People fear the consquence of breaking the law, that is why in society the general population are law abiding citizens.

So the same is with Christianity. Christians can legitimately warn non-Christians of the consequences of them continuing in their sin and having no Saviour.

Josh Williamson said...

"CASE notes that the Gospel tracts handed out by Operation 513 appear to be the same as shown on the Way of the Master shop, including the infamous Aussie Million dollar note:"

Actually the Operation 513 tracts are not the same as the Aussie Million from Way of the Master Australia. While we do have a good relationship with the ministry of Living Waters / Way of the Master we are a completely separate ministry.

CASE said...


I am glad you have used the analogy of smoking. The difference between smoking and christianity is that smoking has been shown to be harmful in peer reviewed scientific literature. Sin without salvation has not been, unless you can produce a denizen of Hell which we could study?

Of course, I am sure you are aware of the difference between fact and belief.


Interesting, the two works appear to be substantially the same. Raises some questions under the Copyright Act but those are your concern and I wont press them. Although I may note them if you raise pirate downloading of songs from the internet in your next sermon.

Josh Williamson said...

Can't be "copyright" if we aren't copying them. We hand out completely different tracts, while we do have a 'money' tracts they are off a different size, and different 'value'.

CASE said...

lol - So there is no intellectual property in the tracts????

Here is my website -

As I said, its not my concern.

Anonymous said...

The practices of the atheist are clearly present on your blogsite!
I will give you that! Woe unto you!

May God have mercy on your souls, we are praying for your souls to be saved. Your welcome to the video at:

Psalms 14:1 " The fool has said in his heart, There is no God. They are corrupt, they have done abominable works, there is
none that does good."

Yes, that sums up your blogsite!

CASE - now with humour said...


CASE does not care if you follow us. We only care that our hits are high when we finally arrange for Adsense to be put on the website.

Of course, Terry, my definition of a fool is someone who believes in something without evidence. Do you have evidence of God perchance? If not, by your belief - you are a fool.


David Gee said...

Of course, Terry, my definition of a fool is someone who believes in something without evidence.

Right then so do you consider yourself a fool then Alex given you consistently refuse to bring out a rebuttal for the damning evidence that my recent article on birds bring out. Not only that but you refuse to bring out your evidence for a evolutionary cause for your empathy/morality.
You believe both of these to be true - are you then a fool Alex