Monday, June 30, 2008

Behold, the true creators

As some of you will be aware, CASE has repeatedly stated that Unicorns are just as likely to be the true creators of the universe as the Judeo/Chritian/Islamic God. At least we have a photograph of our creator.

Ironically, this is also evidence of genetic mutation - a component in evolution.

Causality does not exist - warning may involve science

As some of you will have seen, CASE recently put up a video tape discussing the Argument for the existence of God from First Cause. This argument is used widely by theists to justify belief in a God. The argument is formulated in several ways and is not generally uniform. CASE sets out here the argument given by William Lane Craig [noted theist and complete tool] (Craig, William L. "The Existence of God and the Beginning of the Universe." Truth Journal. Leadership University. 22 Jun. 2008) and if anyone thinks I am setting up a strawman then please point out a different definition and I will approach that as well:-

1. Whatever begins to exist has a cause.
2. The Universe began to exist.
3. Therefore, the Universe had a cause.

This argument seems reasonable at first approach. Everything that a human being has observed (before the 19th century as we are about to see) appears to fall within this argument. A baby deer is born because its mother mated with a male deer of the same species. Cause -> effect. Simple. Or is it?

The "law of causality" is a misleading title, we have never actually tested this law scientifically. In order to do so we would have to travel back in time and determine whether the same cause had the same effect. Of course, humans have never travelled back in time. Furthermore, it is arguable that the act of travelling backwards in time would alter the beginning state and accordingly contaminate the experiment. Thus causality is not a law at all. It is not even a theory. Causality only works on a hypothetical basis.

Above: David Hume considers causation:-
"Do you think those donuts caused me to gain weight?"

This idea that Causation is not universal was discussed extensively by the philosopher David Hume, who correctly pointed out that:-

1. If A is said to cause B then
2. It is necessary to state that whenever A happens B must result.

Of course, such a statement can only be made by way of induction and is only logically possible if either:-

1. The statement is made by someone that has absolute knowledge; and,
2. The statement is consistent with everything that is known.

Because human beings do not have all knowledge in the universe, inductive reasoning has been discounted by modern philosophers including Karl Popper and David Miller. Accordingly, the statement that "Whatever begins to exist has a cause" as well as the argument as a whole is not logical except to a person that has absolute knowledge. Thus the argument from First Cause fails at the initial stage.

However, even if we were to ignore this fatal flaw, CASE notes that there is ground to defeat a statement based on inductive logic without having absolute knowledge, where the statement is not "consistent with everything that is known". Thus, we must ask whether there is anything in the universe that we know of that is not consistent with causation? Well, from the argument of first cause we must postulate at least one (being the uncaused cause), however, it is clearly premature to say that we know there was a first cause as that would be circular (IE we are disproving something from the position of accepting it to be true). On the other hand, perhaps we should turn to science and the world of the very, very, very small.

Below: If you can understand what this guy is saying
then you do not need a personal God

The 19th and 20th century saw the birth of quantum physics. This is the science of things that are really, really, very small. Quanta - is a referrence to singular particles as opposed to molecules and everything larger which consists of collections of several particles. Although atomists like Democritus (460-370 BC) could reason that things could continue to be divided until you reached the 'atoms', he did not have the technology or mathematics to discover their properties (NOTE: Atomist works were destroyed by the Church as being inconsistent with God's teachings).

Quantum physics throws causality out the door because, it appears that at the quantum scale, causality as we understand it does not exist.

"relativity and quantum mechanics have forced physicists to abandon these assumptions (Causality) as exact statements of what happens at the most fundamental levels, but they remain valid at the level of human experience."

Processes and Causality by John F. Sowa, retrieved Dec. 5, 2006

It is a difficult concept to grasp - perhaps simplest to say that where individual particles are concerned there is a probability that a certain cause will result in a certain effect, but the probability of that happening is not certain. So why does causality happen on a human scale if it doesn't work on a quantum scale? Well, its an issue of probability. If your hand consists of 10,000,000,000,000 particles (actually it is more) that are most likely to move in a certain direction when force is applied then is it very, very, very, very likely that the majority of those particles will travel in the most probable direction. If one of those 10,000,000,000,000 particles ends up in the outer reaches of the solar system, would you notice?

The problem is a bit different for other quanta that move vast distances at high speeds such as light particles. The probability of a particle in your hand ending up in the outer reaches of the solar system when you shake it is greatly excacerbated for these particles because of the distance over which they travel. For instance "By quantum lore, when a particle of light travels from A to B, it does not take one path but explores every one simultaneously, with the more direct routes being used more heavily".

If light (and other quantum particles) do not take a certain route when affected by a certain cause then the inductive reasoning used to support the "law of causality" must necesarily fail. On this basis, the argument from first cause postulated by William Lane Craig also fails.

Now you may be saying, "William Lane Craig doesnt use that language, he says that everything that comes into existence must have a cause - therefore your statement is fallacious". This may be how it appears at first, but you may have to engage your brain for the next bit in order to see why the Craig argument does fail for the reasons given above. We are about the enter the world of Stephen Hawking.

Above: Hawking - Scientist, Genius and ladies man

Hawking is known for crossing ideas on things like black hole information paradoxes and closed big bangs through applying ideas of quantum mechanics to events in the general relativity universe. In other words, his process is to look at big effects based on what is happening the very small scale.

Think about it, if quantum particles act based on probability and not according to actual cause, what does that mean for the initial stages of a universe consisting of quantum particles?

Hawkings explosive new theory (together with Prof Thomas Hertog of the Astroparticle and Cosmology Laboratory in Paris) which allows:-"In this way, they argue the universe did not have just one unique beginning and history but a multitude of different ones and that it has experienced them all".

Of course, by destroying the unique point of origin that does not mean that God could not have been responsible for multiple points of origin. It only means that the argument put forward by William Lane Craig is wrong. Furthermore, if a theist were to make such a claim then we would be able to ask "where is your evidence for that?". The theist cannot rely on the old testament of the bible because it does not state "God created the universe at multiple independent points which were all expereinced by the universe" - not to mention the difficulty of the planet earth coming about prior to the stars in the heavens (Genesis 1: 7 and 14).

Finally, Hawkings new theory supports superstring theory or M theory which could give us further understanding of the multiverse outside our universe. A simpler introduction is available here.

For all these reasons, the argument from first cause does not actually work. It is inconsistent with our understanding of the universe. It is also self-contradictory. All this is interesting, but will it cause theists to lay down their holy texts and start reading some science? I don't think so. For a theist that has an ultimate, simple to understand first cause, it would take courage and intellectual vigour to look into these issues. Theists, in my opinion, are more satisfied to lazily remain in their perfect God.

Sunday, June 29, 2008

Jesus the freeloader

Holey arguments from Theists

On Saturday, 28 June 2008, CASE operatives alleged to Operation 513 members that Operation 513 was merely seeking to enforce their moral code over society by using fear of Hell.

Operation 513 leader, Josh Williamson (referred to herein as "His holeyness"), stated that "you don't need to do anything to get into Heaven". Particularly, he noted that there is no price to getting into Heaven.

CASE operative Alex Stewart immediately stated that there is no need for his preaching as members of the public would be going to heaven for doing nothing.

His holeyness then departed from his previous statement saying that you needed to "repent".

Accordingly, Alex Stewart said "I repent" and asked if he was now going to heaven.

His holeyness departed from his previous position again and said that you had to believe in God.

Although not an actual believer in God, Alex Stewart said "Ok - I believe in God, now am I going to Heaven?" for the sake of argument.

His holeyness departed from his previous position again and said that you had to live by christian laws.

What was this - His holeyness had previously stated that you need do nothing to get into Heaven and now there was christian laws. Could it be that his holeyness had misrepresented himself, even lied???

His holeyness argued that God chose whether to "grant mercy on you" and let you into heaven.

CASE notes that this argument is a little odd given that Operation 513 is repeatedly saying that God caused the universe and everything that flows from there is a result of God's initial work. Accordingly, any individual's decision follow God in an individual is the result of God's initial work. But that means, God chooses who is going to heaven or hell without any act by any individual other than God.

Some would say that Free Will would intervene, but when asked - his holeyness stated that there is "no such thing as free will".

Does anyone else out there see how deluded this standpoint is? Through a simple logical progression CASE established that Operation 513 is fraudulently using God, Jesus and the fear of hell to establish their own moral code over society. They change their arguments and they lie solely to bring poor gullible individuals into their flock. It is a disgrace and immoral.

His holeyness deserves the title - his beliefs truly are holey.

But if you want to know why his holeyness is so opposed to evolution (for Op513 members that havent figured it out):-

Christianity has fought, still fights, and will continue to fight science to the desperate end over evolution, because evolution destroys utterly and finally the very reason Jesus’ earthly life was supposedly made necessary. Destroy Adam and Eve and the original sin, and in the rubble you will find the sorry remains of the Son of God. If Jesus was not the redeemer who died for our sins, and this is what evolution means, then Christianity is nothing.

G. Richard Bozarth, ‘The Meaning of Evolution’, American Atheist, p. 30. 20 September 1979. (/hattip Sydney Anglican Heretics)

CASE going holy for month of July

Through our friends (and generous donations) in our home country of the Cayman Islands our organisation has now been registered as a church of no religion. This is an important legal step towards CASE being given equality with other tax evasion schemes.

Saturday, June 28, 2008

Poll Results

CASE readers will be aware our recent poll question was "Do you believe the earth is less than 10,000 years old?".

The results are conclusive 8 to 5 that the earth is more than 10,000 years old. Yet again, democracy wins out. Of course, had it gone the other way we would have had a recount until we got the right result!!!

Our next poll is going to be on the terrible oppression of christians in modern Australian society.

CASE employee of the month

This guy faces all the usual theist claims - and demolishes them while he is walking.

CASE is proud to announce he is our official Employee of the month for June.

Friday, June 27, 2008

Who is really behind the church???

CASE operatives are constantly trying to determine who is really sending out the orders to the faithful. It is an important question in determining how best to expose the theists as delusional and dangerous to society in general.

For instance, CASE is aware of several links between homegrown terrorist group Operation 513 and Ray Comfort of the Way of the Master ministry. Ray Comfort is a New Zealander - so we all know what that means:-

If you aren't aware, the Way of the Master ministry is effectively an online shopping network devoted to selling all of the goods that you will need for evangelism. The Australian franchise is operated by John Legg and offers all the materials you would need from gospel tracts, presentation boards (which are meant to deceive passersby) and even a soap box, specially designed by a former aeronautical engineer. Yes the PSB2, preacher box can be yours for the low, low price of $199.00. Here is the testimonial:-

If you are an Open Air Preacher or you would like to be. You are going to love the PSB2 (custom designed, foldable preacher's soapbox, second edition) made especially for you. Designed by an ex-aeroplane engineer, you can be assured that it is structurally safe and built to last. And just to make sure, we've been testing them on the street for the last 12 months. Everyone who sees them says they are amazing, so we thought we'd better make them available so you can get your own.

CASE notes that the Gospel tracts handed out by Operation 513 appear to be the same as shown on the Way of the Master shop, including the infamous Aussie Million dollar note:-

The tract says:
The million-dollar question: Will you go to Heaven? Here's a quick test. Have you ever told a lie, stolen anything, or used God's name in vain? Have you looked with lust? Which is adultery of the heart in God's eyes. Will you be guilty on Judgment Day? If you have done those things, God sees you as a lying, thieving, blasphemous, adulterer-at-heart. The Bible warns that if you are guilty you will end up in Hell. That's not God's will. He sent His Son to suffer and die on the cross for you. Jesus took your punishment upon Himself: “God so loved the world that He gave His only begotten Son, that whoever believes in Him should not perish but have everlasting life.” Then He rose from the dead and defeated death. Please, repent (turn from your sin) today and trust in Jesus, and God will grant you everlasting life. Then read your Bible daily and obey it.
Query: Why would Christians need to use fear if they are right?

But who is really behind this marketing drive? Knowing that the church uses fear tactics and deception CASE began an indepth 6 month undercover operation. At the end of this massive operation CASE operatives finally discovered the source of the pox upon mankind and is prepared to reveal it. This damning photograph was taken at a congregation of Church elders, its the guy in the front of the procession in this photograph:-

Thursday, June 26, 2008

Creationists pwned by Prof Richard Lenski

As many of you would be aware, CASE has been following the story of Richard Lenski of Michigan State University and his ground breaking discovery of Citrate consuming mutant E.coli bacteria. CASE has also presented these finding to several creationist who (without any technical qualification in biology or science generally) have dismissed the results.

The Lenski experiment shows mutation in a laboratory. This is important because scientists have not previously seen such mutation under controlled conditions, although, we can see evidence of mutation between existing animals and fossilised remains. Of course, this isn't sufficient for creationists who make up fanciful stories about things like dinosaurs:-

Above: Jesus was a DinoRider

Richard Lenski has been dealing with his own set of kooks from Conservapedia. Conservapedia is essentially a right wing publication that seeks to replace wikipedia with what they consider to be the "correct information". CASE electronic warfare division is currently obtaining passwords as an editor of Conservapedia (BTW, We succeeded with CreationWiki and will be posting funny things soon) in order to set the record straight on issues such as the conservative christian view of facism.

Back to the topic, Conservapedia was indignant at the apparent (or imminent) defeat of creationism by evolutionary biologists. Accordingly, they wrote a letter which had very little to do with science and in which the chief kook of Conservapedia admitted that he had not read Prof Lenski's report or had any knowledge about genetics. Lenski's first response was civil. However, when badgered further Lenski loses it - with what is an excellent example of pwning theistic ignorance. If Conservapedia take down the response in shame, it has been saved here for posterity.

Lenski's experiment is confused by many creationists with the idea of saltation. Saltation is the concept that a species remains the same until it mutates into the next species. Not even Darwin considered such infrequent and drastic mutation is possible. The theory of natural selection states that within a given genome, certain genes will become more popular because the carriers of those genes are more successful. For instance, Homo Heidelbergensis mutates 800,000 years ago with a brain volume of 600 cubic centimeters ('cc'). Over time, individuals with bigger brains are more likely to succeed - accordingly, brain volume expands until 250,000 years ago when it reaches 1100 cc. Then a freak mutation occurs which allows for greater brain growth but the brain size of the first homo sapiens is also around 1100 cc. The reason for this is that the first homo sapien inherits almost all the same genes as the previous generation of Homo Heidelbergensis. From there the homo sapiens (with lighter skulls and more room for brain developments) continue to increase in brain size over many generations until it reaches the 1400 cc that we are at today.

Thus mutation (macroevolution for the creationists) is only a single part of the genetic puzzle of evolution. While many creationists accept the concept of natural selection (microevolution) they are incredulous to the concept of massive change - then again, so are biologists, its just that the theory of evolution doesnt say that massive change will happen either.

Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Southern Christian Organisation endorses Obama

The race for the United States Presidency is one of the toughest electoral races in the world. After 18 months of campaigning it appears that Barrack Obama will now be the voice of the Democratic Party, but he didnt get there alone. Strong support from religious groups is necessary to win the Southern States, and there is no better Southern Christian Organisation to get on your side than the KKK which openly endorsed Barrack Obama over Hillary Clinton.

Unbeknownst to many, the Ku Klux Klan (KKK or Klan) has had three incarnations since the American Civil War. It was during the second incarnation between 1915 and 1942 that the group reached its peak membership of 6,000,000. The Klan were homogenously Protestants and the large membership between 1915 and 1942 was primarily a response to the increasing social mobility of ethnic catholic and african americans, who had previously been seen as an underclass. The Klan claimed to be the defender of the protestant faith against foreign races, Catholics and Jews.

Ministers in the United Church, and other churches, in Canada and the United States supported the Klan and its efforts to homogenise society. When some United Ministers sought to criticise the Klan in 1928 they received a strong rebuke from the churches hierarchy:-

"Although the writer is not a member of the Klan, he has done thatwhich Dr. Endicott and Rev. Donell would do well to follow. Namely studycarefully the principles of this organization. They are such that any man professing the name of Christian can have no hesitation in accepting."

CASE considers the Klan to be one of the lowest forms of scum on the planet and does not support or accept any of their principles in anyway. Furthermore, CASE rejects all KKK activities - except for cross burning. Cross burning is a favourite passtime of CASE employees, burning churches is also a fun passtime (particularly when the theists are still inside). Of course, while CASE considers this to be purely for the purpose of ridding the world of idiotic icons of a corrupt faith, the KKK believed "that it is not destroying the cross, but "lighting" it, as a symbol of the members' faith" - What a smart bunch they were.
Above: Christians demonstrating their faith
and cooking marshmellows

Christians told to STFU

CASE has become aware of a christian website, based in the United States which is worried about the decline of Christian rights. The website feature video footage about the decline of Christian's ability to persecute minorities and enforce a particular moral code over the rest of society. It also highlights how annoyed Christians are that other groups in society are now able to celebrate publicly and how christians can go about stopping those celebrations, for instance, from the forum pages:-

Churches could be places for grassroots meetings. We could do more if we network through churches. We could announce town hall meetings, decisions being made on capital hill, local representatives and contact info, etc. Churches may differ subtley on how we worship, but we are all united in Christ, brothers and sisters. We could come together on decisions that may soon make us outlaws if we don't act. It has been Church oriented grassroots action that stopped a Philadelphia school disctrict from engaging a month-long gay celebration. If we were more organized, we could learn from Philadelphia and we can preserve our rights, and maybe gain some already lost rights.

It is strange that Christians in the US believe that a homosexual parade is an infringement of Christians rights? Also, CASE considers it is a bit hysterical to think that Christianity will be outlawed - we dont have the votes for that yet. Well, the US is a democracy (for now) so we guess that Christians as a group do have a right to use democratic process to carry out their ends, unfortunately, according to BlueCat from Arizona:-

Please tell me which presidential candidate you will vote for? None of the potential nominees have my Christian values in mind. All support abortion, homosexual marriage, gay rights and laws that will silence Christians. One of the candidates does not even salute the American flag. What choice?

CASE cannot find the commandment in Duteronomy - Thou shalt salute the American Flag. It must be right next to "Thou shalt have no other Gods but me".

CASE psych warfare division has identified a real undercurrent of fear throughout all of these posts, particularly in relation to End Times:-

I agree with what xxxx xxxxx (above) said but I don't believe Jesus will "rapture" the church before the Antichrist rises. Nowhere in the Bible does it say this. Mat 24:29-31 is very clear that the rapture occurs after the great tribulation, after the opening of the 6th Seal of Revelation.

But, xxxxxx is correct about the coming of the end. Persecution of Christians in the United States is, at the moment, minimal compared to other countries but it has begun and will only get worse. The rise of Liberals, Homosexuals, and Islamic hatred will culminate in the destruction of Europe and the United States. TRUE BELIEVERS NEED TO WAKE UP!

This is not the first time we have heard this type of hysteria, its all too familiar:-

"Hence today I believe that I am acting in accordance with the will of the Almighty Creator: by defending myself against the Jew, I am fighting for the work of the Lord."

"The internal expurgation of the Jewish spirit is not possible in any platonic way. For the Jewish spirit as the product of the Jewish person. Unless we expel the Jewish people. Unless we expel the Jewish people soon, they will have judaized our people within a very short time."

- Jackel, Hitler's Worldview, p. 52; from a speech at Nuremberg, January 13, 1923

<--- Both German, coincidence?
Why human beings cannot abide each other is not an easy question. Religion does sit at the center of a lot of these issues - why? The simple answer is that religion involves the faithful and dogmatic belief in certain immutable standards which conflict with the ideas and beliefs of other people. The only answer to them is to legislate the rights of other people away, and failing that to kill.
CASE considers that humans are clearly feeble and incapable of living together peaceably, accordingly, CASE has now set about to develop super-robots to replace all theists. If we do not develop these super robots within the next five years then there is the very real prospect that Theists could take over the planet and wipe out all atheists - noooooooo.

Monday, June 23, 2008

Sad day

The entire CASE organisation is very sad today as on of the funniest men in the world, George Carlin, passed away aged 71.

Carlin was a well known atheist and critic of religion. Some of his comedy shows included Religion is Bullshit, The Ten Commandments and Touched by an Atheist. His videos are on youtube - check them out, he doesnt need the (c) cheques anymore.

CASE employees will be mourning today in the way that George Carlin would have wanted; by getting drunk at a strip bar near the airport.

RIP George Carlin
(12 May 1937 - 22 June 2008)

Sunday, June 22, 2008

CASE officer prevented from heckling Muslims by evil woman

As CASE readers would be aware, CASE Officer Alex Stewart was meant to attend the Islam Exposed event in order to expose Islam. Unfortunately, Officer Stewart was prevented by this woman who can clearly be seen as censoring free speech:-

Apparently, taunting Christians is ok, but going after Muslims may result in bodily injuries.

Someone should have told these guys:-

CASE officers have now been disciplined and their resolve renewed. Furthermore, CASE officers have been given a direct instruction not to tell their spouses/partners when engaging in future missions - or they could face having to do the dishes for a week.

Atheist Memes

As many of you are aware, a "meme" is kind of like a gene for social constructs like religion. Memes work in the same way as genes in a living creature. Each meme may control a different part of the construct and yet, in collection with all the other memes, it gives us a picture of the resulting social construct. CASE does not agree with the study or use of memes generally, because it makes it too obvious what religion is, accordingly theists can become very upset at realising how simply their beliefs have been generated and evolved over time. Then again, CASE doesn't care.

CASE has been asked by Oz Atheist to take part in an Atheist Meme project (in which we are examining our own beliefs, potentially for problems or better solutions to certain problems) As well as being a general study of atheism. The meme project was started off by Nullfidian.

CASE has caused all of its 37,500 members to take the memes test and the average results are shown below:-

Q1. How would you define “atheism”?

The natural state of human reason.

Q2. Was your upbringing religious? If so, what tradition?

Theologically liberal, Presbyterian school. Religious Education classes for 12 years. A whole lot of nothing interesting - and some very annoyed teachers.

One member's Uncle was a priest - he quit to become an undertaker.

Q3. How would you describe “Intelligent Design”, using only one word?


Q4. What scientific endeavour really excites you?

Building computers and computer models that can carry out calculations that are as complex as nature (probably another 20-30 years away). Hopefully, one day a computer will be built that can understand CASE's yearly tax returns.

Q5. If you could change one thing about the “atheist community”, what would it be and why?

CASE wishes the atheist community would donate more to CASE activitie$$.

Second preference would be to see atheists make a greater impact on moral decisions across society.

Q6. If your child came up to you and said “I’m joining the clergy”, what would be your first response?

"Do you want to be an undertaker too? Look at Uncle XXX's career."

If the child continues to argue - "that's it, you're off to military school."

If they are really keen to become a priest, "I hate you and so does your mother".

Q7. What’s your favourite theistic argument, and how do you usually refute it?

Argument from First Cause when used by a Christian.

I usually take the following steps:-

1. But the argument was first used to prove the existence of Allah
2. So, I can insert anything as the [first cause] including Pink Unicorns, Flying Spaghetti Monsters, Random Probability or this donut and it still works.
3. Ok, what proof do you have that your God is the one that is the first cause?

Thats where the Christians usually start Bible bashing (CASE refers to this behavious as the 'Big Foot Stamp'). Although completely illogical, theists are usually satisfied at winning the argument using a 'Big Foot Stamp'.

These disproofs are also good - Time is not constant, Time is not unidirectional, M Theory, Where did God come from? Have you got any evidence for that?

Q8. What’s your most “controversial” (as far as general attitudes amongst other atheists goes) viewpoint?

Would the enforced sterilization of people shown to have theistic proclivities be considered "controversial"?

Q9. Of the “Four Horsemen” (Dawkins, Dennett, Hitchens and Harris) who is your favourite, and why?

Hitchens because he suggested the enforced sterilization of people shown to have theistic proclivities.

Plus he is the only one that has a useful profession (Punditerati) as compared to Dawkins (Science? who cares), Dennett (Philosophy? Get a job) and Harris (What is it that Harris does again?).

Q10. If you could convince just one theistic person to abandon their beliefs, who would it be?

No-one, CASE would prefer to destroy all theists than attempt to "persuade" them. It is easier, cheaper and less likely to result in false conversions.

CASE would seek to forward this onto other bloggers, but CASE considers the tallying of 37,500 members answers is enough work.

Saturday, June 21, 2008

The Book of Hezekiah

Welcome Operation 513ers.

It looks like we here at CASE are starting to get some feedback from the activities of CASE officer Alex Stewart. It appears that Mr Stewart's performance on 14 June 2008 has now caused 18 of 20 paragraphs of the most recent battlelog to be about him. Mr Stewart has told CASEHQ - "I am quite pleased with the result, not only has CASE succeeded in preventing any further damage by this group on the night in question, CASE also turned several spectators and possibly some of the Operation 513 members into atheists".

CASE is, however, concerned about the integrity of the most recent battlelog reported by Josh Williamson of the nights events. CASE notes most of that report is somewhat one-sided, and in accordance with CASE's policy of accurate reporting, the allegations therein will now be dealt with:-

1. The Lenski Experiment

The experiment that CASE officer Alex Stewart referred to was the 20 year ongoing experiment at Michigan State Univesity, Richard Lenski. Lenski has a double PhD and is a member of the National Academy of Sciences in the United States accordingly, rather than making apriori judgements about this experiment then perhaps Operation 513ers can give him some respect and read about his work. Lenski's experiment regarding evolving E.coli is not "micro-evolution" - rather it is a whole new species of E.coli. CASE has posted two links to articles about the Lenski experiments hereunder, please have a look for yourself:-

I would like to quote a passage from the second article:-

'Lenski's experiment is also yet another poke in the eye for anti-evolutionists, notes Jerry Coyne, an evolutionary biologist at the University of Chicago. "The thing I like most is it says you can get these complex traits evolving by a combination of unlikely events," he says. "That's just what creationists say can't happen."'

2. New information in DNA

Mr Williamson notes in the battlelog queries about where "new information comes from?". Clearly, Mr Williamson would like a simple answer like "the stork brings it" or the equally likely "God does it". Alternatively, Mr Williamson could commence a degree in biology to understand the subject, rather than make the argument from personal incredulity.

Nonetheless, CASE will try and explain for the benefit of intelligent debate. The information is most likely the result of replication errors in DNA, resulting in a positive mutation. Of course, there are many replication errors in a line of ancestry, we see so-called negative mutations such as down-syndrome or turner syndrome quite often within our own species. The Lenski experiment refers to replication errors where the DNA resulting from the error does prove to contain a positive aspect, or even one that is not so negative as to destroy the capacity of the individual to survive to breed. CASE notes that DNA polymerase chain reaction is a complex chemical reaction which is observed in nature. Does Operation 513 believe that every replication (millions per second) will be perfect? Do they also believe that when there is an error - the result can only be negative? Who has a closed mind now, we wonder?

3. Second Vote? This ain't Florida

CASE does not recall a second vote - will review video tape of incident, if Operation 513 is prepared to make it public. Of course, the tape wasn't confiscated by police this week.

Nevertheless, CASE understands the substantial presence in the crowd were Christian and that this can be intimidating to some atheist/agnostic/unbelievers.

4. Mr Williamson offering advice

Mr Williamson is aware that CASE's position is that all scientific and logical inquiries into the universe reveals no evidence for God. CASE officer Alex Stewart has made that position clear to Mr Williamson on a number of occassions, to which Mr Williamson has claimed Mr Stewart was 'dancing like a lawyer'. CASE is quite suprised that Mr Williamson is now claiming credit for

'It would be far safer for Alex to say "In the knowledge that I currently have, I am yet to see evidence for God".'

Obviously, for Alex Stewart to state "there is no evidence for God" is the same thing. Unless Mr Williamson is claiming that Alex Stewart has the ability to know things that he does not have in his knowledge? Hey, why not, Theists claim to have knowledge of things like God which they have no knowledge about - Why can't Alex Stewart have the same mystical ability? Well, for one thing, Alex Stewart is a critical thinker - not a BS artist.

Thanks for the advice Mr Williamson, we would be lost without gems like that.

5. CASE sovereign over God - duh

CASE does not want to be sovereign over God, but is a telephone call every once in a while too much to ask? Why is God so secretive? Ever wonder about that?

6. Theist cannot grasp matter of simple theology - suprise

Agnostic and atheist are the same thing - how can you have knowledge of something you don't believe in? Similarly, how can you believe in something you have no knowledge of?

Mr Williamson has tried to demonize atheists by stating that they are people that deny the existence of God. That is a plain lie - one that given $18,000.00 worth of Bible college education Mr Williamson should know better than telling.

Athiests, by definition, do not believe in God. That does not mean that athiests deny the possibility of God, it is just they don't have any reason or evidence to support saying he/she exists. We aren't going to believe in something 'on speculation' - we want proof.

Atheists will often challenge theists for their evidence of the existence of God and usually be disappointed in the response. This would be silly if such evidence existed and was accepted by the community at large. The reason that atheists continue to ask the question is that THERE IS NO EVIDENCE FOR GOD.

Perhaps, if Mr Williamson has some evidence then he could provide CASE with same for testing in the Penn & Teller Pre-memorial deity testing centre (Please read other posts for relevance of same).

It is interesting to note that Mr Williamson does not believe that Allah exists, or that Ra exists, or that Wotan exists or any other strange God that has been worshiped through time. What evidence does he have that those Gods don't exist? If he has none then, on his logic, he must surely accept that those Gods also exist too? No, Mr Williamson is an atheist with respect to all those Gods, we just ask that he add one more.

Neitzche tells us that when we are confronted with two bad options, we can choose not to choose. What is wrong with that position? Nothing, it is the only logical and rational position - the atheist position.

For further information in this regard, please note:-

7. The all-powerful contradiction

Can God do anything? CASE officer Alex Stewart made this statement and continued the argument from malevolence - which Mr Williamson failed to include in his log, the argument is rather simple:-

a. If God is all powerful then he can prevent all suffering
b. If God is good then he must prevent all suffering
c. Suffering exists
d. Therefore, God does not exist or
e. God is not good.

Perhaps it was best put by Epicurus:-

"Is God willing to prevent evil, but not able? Then he is not omnipotent.
Is he able, but not willing? Then he is malevolent.
Is he both able and willing? Then whence cometh evil?
Is he neither able nor willing? Then why call him God?"

8. Atheistic Violence is good - all other violence is bad

As a completely fictional organization, CASE is suprised at being taken seriously in its call for Holy War. It would be hard to write satire (try reading any of the posts on this blog's archives) without taking a certain point of view. CASE is a radical, terrorist organization - just like Operation 513. Of course, CASE feels that atheists should be treated equally with theists - accordingly, atheists should be able to cause just as much damage as theists have. Funny that theists can't even detect a joke - Jesus played a pretty big one on them.

In relation to the "worst killers of the twentieth century" slander against atheism, CASE notes this quote from Adolf Hitler, killer of millions:-

"The folkish-minded man, in particular, has the sacred duty, each in his own denomination, of making people stop just talking superficially of God's will, and actually fulfill
God's will, and not let God's word be desecrated.
"[original italics]

Which is stunningly similar to:-

Although it be incumbent on the bishops or pastors of the churches, to be instant in preaching the word, by way of office, yet the work of preaching the word is not so peculiarly confined to them but that others also gifted and fitted by the Holy Spirit for it, and approved and called by the church, may and ought to perform it.

I'll let you figure it out.

Nonetheless, CASE notes that it does not support facism or socialism in any way. Rather, it notes that Theism, like facism and socialism is dependent on a dogmatic approach which denies criticism (IE, If you were a critic in facist germany, socialist russia or 15th century theist Europe - you could generally expect a quick death or painful torture). CASE considers all reliance on dogma to be inherently dangerous. Nonetheless, Operation 513 and other theists rely on it all the time - just read one of their tracts for an example of dogma. CASE argues theists have more in common with socialist and facist dictators then CASE does. Except for the fact that CASE also wishes to rule the planet with an iron fist. Mwha ha ha ha.

9. Absolute Morality - don't make me laugh

Mr Williamson actually began his point by asking whether rape was ever moral. Alex Stewart noted the situation of arranged marriage between a man and an unconsenting woman (this is a barbaric practice that still takes place today). Sex within those marriages is not considered rape in many countries, in fact, it is arguable that rape of your wife is not a crime before the Ten Commandments. CASE, on the other hand, does condemn all forms of rape.

Mr Williamson said that rape was "absolutely immoral". Alex Stewart responded by asking whether the man in an arranged marriage considered it to be right. Mr Williamson agreed. Alex Stewart then made the point that rape could not be "absolutely immoral" if certain people did not find it immoral. Mr Williamson was clearly defeated on this point, nonetheless he continued to push harder now saying that "pedophilia" was absolutely immoral.

CASE is against all forms of pedophilia, although CASE notes that many arranged marriages occur between children and men, even today. Mr Williamson again had to concede that in those circumstances, those societies did not consider that pedophilia was immoral and accordingly, it was not "absolutely immoral".


10. Faith? Now you need faith to be an atheist - Huh???

"His closing argument was "You Christians believe in God by faith!" To which I replied "I accept God's existence by faith, even though I can see evidence for Him, and the atheists accept God not existing "by faith", and I don't have enough faith to be an atheist!"

Actually, as noted above - CASE does not have faith in anything. So, if I don't have faith in God doesn't that mean I don't believe in him? Yep - no faith required for atheism. This is very hard to explain to a theist for some reason. They just want to demonise us atheists as trying to ruin their party. Perhaps the best way to put it is -

Person 1 says to Person 2: "Stop believing everything"
Person 2 says to Person 1: "Ok, I am now believing in nothing - I have no knowledge, just like any innocent or naieve person"
Person 1 says to Person 2: "Now, do you believe in God?"
Person 2 says to Person 1: "No, can you show me some evidence?"

Its a pretty simple position to understand, in fact, it is the only position that anyone can logically stand in without having to invoke faith - which is claiming knowledge of something without obtaining knowledge about that thing. It is a self-deception

11. Finally, The Book of Hezekiah

Something that was not mentioned in the battlelog - Mr Williamson asked Alex Stewart whether the "Book of Hezekiah" appears in the New or Old Testament. Alex Stewart responded that he was not aware of any "Book of Hezekiah", on which Mr Williamson had to admit there was no such thing.

Mr Williamson had attempted to deceive Mr Stewart by bearing false witness and seeking to bring Mr Stewart into error. A contravention of Exodus 20: 16 or Deuteronomy 5:20? Although Mr Stewart was not caught by this deceit, it does lead CASE to query what other deceptions Mr Williamson may have committed to trick people into his flock?

Thursday, June 19, 2008

CASE note - Street Preachers instigate violence

CASE has now analysed the battle log from Operation 513 on 7 June 2008. In particular this:-

Andre got up, and with Bible in hand began to expound on the Gospel of Jesus Christ. Not long into his message a rather vile man in a yellow shirt became very hostile and started to hurl abuse at the preacher. Andre tried to reason with the man, but he refused to listen. So Andre kept on preaching. The man then came in really close, and started to curse Andre and also God.

CASE officer Alex Stewart was on hand at the event and recalls a somewhat different turn of events. CASE officer Alex Stewart recalls the hate speech was begun by Operation 513 with statements to the crowd that unless they repented they would "be going to Hell". CASE notes the man in the yellow shirt was quite irratible, but that the events that followed would probably not have happened if Operation 513 members (otherwise referred to as the "mind slaves") had just gone out on the town and had a few recuperative ales.

By now the man in the yellow shirt was screaming at our camera man, so Andrew moved into position to guard the camera. The man soon lost interest in the camera, and started to threaten Andrew. Upon seeing this, I walked over to tell the man to calm down or we would be forced to call the police. The man just cursed, and me then bent down to get something out of his backpack. As the man bent down, another man emerged from the crowd and started to abuse the man in the yellow shirt. He was screaming that he should get some respect for the preachers, and also that he should shut up. Of course that is the sanitised version of what he said. Yellow shirt then started to challenge this other man to a fight, so I stepped in and told both of them to back off and walk away. As I worked on breaking those two up, and cry was heard from the crowd. I turned and saw that a fight had erupted in front of the preacher.

CASE dislikes violence of any kind (unless it is necessary to futher the One True Cause: Atheism). CASE officer, Alex Stewart, sought police officers prior to the fight errupting because he could see the matter was getting out of hand. CASE notes police officers were not present in the mall until a substantial time after the fight had broken out.

Then I noticed one of our regular hecklers come running in to join the fight. This was fast becoming a full on brawl. I sent two of the team members to run and get the police. The only problem was the police weren't in their usual location, so we had to wait some time before they arrived.
CASE officer Alex Stewart regularily attends Operation 513 street preaching events and he has never seen either of these "regular hecklers". CASE considers this is an unfair attempt to demonise hecklers by Operation 513.

Police did eventually arrive. CASE notes that Operation 513 did not show any photographs of the carnage that resulted from their actions, CASE can show these pictures:-

Above: Young men ruin lives because of Operation 513

The people involved in the brawl will probably be charged and face criminal prosecution. CASE wonders whether Operation 513 will bear any of the responsibility for the fight which was clearly the result of the agitating atmosphere they create on Saturday nights in the Queen Street Mall? Probably not. But CASE is upset at Operation 513's obvious tactics:-

By now there was a massive crowd watching the fight, security guards were present but they did nothing but watch on. The fighters must have realized that the police were coming, because they stopped fighting and ran.Since the crowd stood there in stunned silence, I decided to jump up and preach a quick two minute message to them. While I was preaching all I could see was a sea of blue police uniforms running up the mall. Quickly I gave the order to the team to tract everyone up, so the team set about tracting everyone in the crowd.
Overall the night was rather interesting! Praise God that His Gospel went forth!

Should we expect anything less than Machiavellian tactics from a group that will stop at nothing to convert others into their ill-begotten cause? Taking advantage of violence is not a moral thing to do, especially when you caused it!

CASE notes there are now several street preachers in Brisbane City that use disgusting tactics to further their corrupt marketing campaigns. For instance, this preacher stands at the corner of Albert and Elisabeth Street between 2 and 3 on Saturday Afternoons while showing obscene materials to passer-bys, including children:-

Above: Scaring the shit out kiddies for Jesus

Contrary to the Christian bloodiness of 7 June 2008, the worst crime an atheist carried out was a crime against fashion:-

Regular athiest attendee proving that despite being a largely mythological animal, there are such thing as fairies. (Please note, if this is offensive then please tell me and I will bring it down, albeit - you did it to yourself man).

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

How to be a good atheist

With the rapid stampede of the Australian population to atheism, CASE, being the absolute authority on all things atheistic has put forward some tips on being a good atheist. CASE is concerned about these 'new atheists' going nuts with the new found freedom that atheism offers. Recent converts like Belinda Neal, Michelle Leslie and Wayne Carey show that becoming an atheist can lead to out of control behaviour:-

Above Left: Wayne Carey as a clean, church-going christian
Above Right Wayne Carey the day after converting to atheism, it was all downhill from there.

On the pretence of preventing this type of bad behaviour from atheists which may damage our cause, CASE has now published The Atheist Readers Guide to Morality (How to live your life) which is available from all good bookstores (RRP: $29.95). All new converts to atheism should purchase this book. If you don't you will be letting us all down.

CASE performed much research in preparing this resource, including checking other books prepared by theists such as How to stay Christian in college by J. Budziszewski, How to be Good in a world gone Bad by James S. Spiegel and How to get your Husband to go to church with you by Vivian D'Arezzo. Although CASE notes most theist material is just evil propoganda, these materials were helpful in understanding how to communicate your point of view to an audience. Plus it works bloody well for them.

^ One for the ladies

CASE also studied various online sites which were quite instructive including the "How to live a Good Christian life" on wikihow which is quite instructive. From these materials CASE formulated its 700 page manual on atheist morality in the 21st century. Some brief tips include:-

  1. Your first task should be to join an atheist society or club, this will prevent you from slipping back into faith.

  2. Acknowledge you've been a believer and then repent. Realize that conversion is not simply one act but the beginning of a life-long struggle. Don't be hard on yourself if and when you fail, pick yourself up and trust in Hitchens.

  3. Next, surround yourself with atheists. There is no point wasting your life with "no-hoper" theists who will never change.

  4. Encourage everyone in your family to talk about religious issues. Record their beliefs and inform your local atheist group about their beliefs. Someone there may be able to tell you how they can be converted to atheism: the one true belief.

  5. Read your Darwin, Dawkins and Hitchens. You can really learn a lot from this.

  6. Volunteer to help people. For example, you could take a shift at a soup kitchen near you, help with a Christmas effort to give gifts to the poor on Christmas, or visit a people staying in a nursing home.

  7. Share your beliefs and spread the good news. Remember, living the atheist life through your actions will make others want to follow atheism. Always stick up for your beliefs.

  8. Understand that atheists believe Dawkins said they would be persecuted for their beliefs, so do not allow others' attacks to weaken your faith.

  9. Treat others kindly as you would like to be treated. Even simple acts of kindness like holding a door open for someone are good deeds

With these simple tips you can become a shining example of atheism in your community. Remember, we dont want anyone thinking bad things about atheism as that may damage CASE and atheism generally. So if you do get caught with a bloody champagne glass or a bag of illicit narcotics, make a quick conversion back to Christianity (or Islam if you are in Indonesia) - for the team.

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

What do you have faith in?

All three of the Abrahamic faiths; Judaism, Christianity and Islam insist on conformity of its members to very select texts. Even the varying interpretation of those very texts can be disputed within a single religion, for instance, the split between the Shi'ite and Sunn'ite sects in Islam.

CASE does not understand why an omniscient God would leave his special teachings to us in a vague form, such as in the Torah, Bible and Koran. Surely, he would have been aware of the potential splits between his own followers resulting from his medium of choice: ignorant dung sweepers, goat herders and woodworkers.

Surely it would be easier for God to just announce his existence, without need for invitation, to an entire world audience or to every individual without needing to go through preachers. God, if he existed, could just turn up today and say "Hey dudes, I created you, whats happening?". Being an omniscient being God would have been able to forsee that his message which was handed to a holy goat herder, dung sweeper or carpenter would have only been transferred to Gods creation through preachers. Why preachers? After all, preachers are human (at least on a genetic level), wouldn't God realise through his omniscience that they could and would make mistakes?

Preachers base their entire philosophy and right to proclaim this and that from their personal faith. Recent CASE studies show that almost 5% of all preachers are actually being honest in this regard. The other 95% of course, are in it for the money. But let us put aside the Benny Hinn school of preaching tradition and focus on the issue of faith and the message of God. The 5% of preachers that honestly believe what they are saying are speaking from faith. When asked to produce evidence of their God they usually cannot provide any. This is too bad, CASE funds have been used to construct the new Penn & Teller Pre-memorial Centre for Forensic Examination of Deitic Materials located in Bogota, Columbia. The cost of the facility was approximately 2.5 million dollars.

However, as we have not been provided with any physical evidence of God's existence CASE shall now convert the building into the CASE Penn & Teller Pre-memorial Diety Reaching Under Ground Lab. DRUG Lab will be involved in manufacturing various materials to help us reach deities using the usual ancient means. We also expect DRUG Lab to make a tidy profit for our group this year.

Who knew all that equipment would be useful?

To return to the point, CASE notes that if God exists as described by theists then why does he want us to believe in him and yet give us no evidence for his existence other than ancient manuscripts from third and fourth hand accounts of events that happened to ignorant people two or three millenia ago? The argument is rather perverse, that this God character wants to test your faith, give you no opportunity to use your intellect and the penalty is eternal damnation if you get it wrong.

It seems to CASE that God is not testing your faith in him at all. God can only be testing your willingness to believe the words of past generations. There is no other available way to have knowledge of God and his 'absolute' code of morality unless you have faith in the past generations 'holy texts'. By necessity the faith in your ancestors link is essential in the chain.

Does anyone actually believe that God would test you solely on your belief in the words of your ancestors? What if your ancestors got the message wrong?

So, now we know what God is testing, let us examine for any alternative. Past generations may not have wanted their moral strictures to be assauged by their children - hey presto - faith appears and the self-repeating inculcation of descendents is possible. Of course, Exodus 20: 12 makes this explicit: "Honour your father and mother, that your days be long upon the land which the Lord your God is giving you".

Theists bind themselves to the 'holy texts' and as a result are restricted in thought to that of previous generations. Is that not what DNA does? Does not the selfish gene allow for exact replication between generations in 99.9 percent of reproduction in order to provide the next generation with the same prospects of survival? Mutations occur in DNA and in social development, but only on an infrequent basis. Does anyone deny that Christianity and Islam are more successful than its parent Judaism? Surely this is a result of the new characteristics, or mutations, from the parent. Would either Christianity or Islam have been born without the parent?

CASE understands that religion can only be passed onto future generations through the publication of Holy Texts. Accordingly, CASE has now released its policy document, BURNING BIBLES, FLAMING KORANS: Find out how to make Holy Books useful which outlines all of the possible methods of using Holy Books as fuel sources in your home, office and even your car.

The CASE 5000 deluxe has excellent fuel efficiency at 12kms per Bible. Koranic conversions available.

Monday, June 16, 2008

Giant, prehistoric lies

CASE has recently become aware of the website CreationWiki. At first CreationWiki appears to be a well-presented, well-researched wiki into the origins of, among other things, life on this planet. In order to test the veracity of CreationWiki, CASE decided to compare its contents with Wikipedia entries regarding dinosaur.

Wikipedia states, in its introduction to the topic of dinosaurs that:-

Dinosaurs were the dominant vertebrate animals of terrestrial ecosystems for over 160 million years, from the late Triassic period (about 230 million years ago) to the end of the Cretaceous period (65 million years ago), when most of them became extinct in the Cretaceous–Tertiary extinction event.

Creationpedia on the other hand, gives this account:-

[M]ost creationists believe that dinosaurs coexisted with mankind on Earth and lived recently. Biblical support for this perspectives is drawn from the Genesis 1 where it states that all animals were created on the sixth day of creation along with humans.

Although this is the position of theists, CASE did note the following would have been obviously rejected by even a student of significantly low intellect:-

It is furthermore presumed they were still alive at the time of the global flood and taken on board Noah's ark. Evidence to support this perspective includes:

CASE felt this was somewhat misleading and could fool a child into believing the wrong thing. Accordingly, CASE sought to make the following change:-

It is furthermore presumed they were still alive at the time of the global flood and taken on board Noah's ark. Evidence to support this perspective includes:

  • Because God says so

However, it appears that CreationWiki can only be amended by authorised CreationWiki writers, which is fair enough in a robust democracy where your views are correct. So, under completely false pretenses CASE electronic warfare division applied to be an author of CreationWiki. We shall keep you informed.

CASE's help cannot come fast enough, after all, CreationWiki will be in real trouble if quotes like this are not deleted:-

Tony asks him how Adam and Eve could have lived in the Garden of Eden with a carnivorous tyrannosaurus, and instead of explaining that tyrannosaurs would have been vegetarians back then, instead gives him a book and leaves.

What big teeth you have Mr Tyrannosaur?

All the better to eat grass with.

CASE study proves Dawkins is God

The CASE psychological warfare unit has recently released its annual report on the psychology of religion entitiled "Bonkers: the theist grasp for reality" ($19.95 at our online shop).

The report includes multiple conclusions from the CASE psychological warfare unit's unbiased account of its 15 year study of a baby procured through generous donations to CASE (To make a donation, click here) and the help of the Sudanese Government.

The experiment focussed on whether the subject, whose has been labelled "Faw" (being a derivative of his serial number: #4) would have religious inklings without any access to the outside world, its parents or any human contact or other stimuli.

CASE psychological warfare unit made several interesting discoveries, including:-

1. Faw does not know the names Jesus, Mohammed or Buddha or understand their meaning. Furthermore, he attained only a score of 43 out of 100 on a multiple choice examination on religion which is a decent score for a child that has not spoken to another human being for 15 years. However, Faw completely bombed out with only 3 out of 100 in qualitative assessment. Some marks were given for making the point that religion was an empty issue but not making any markings on the page.

2. Faw was presented with pictures of various individuals and asked to assign names to each individual from a set list. Over the course of 250 tests conducted, Faw made only one correct answer:-

Faw identified this man as God in test #137 on 19 January 2004.

CASE psychological warfare unit considers this REAL evidence of the rightness of atheism.

3. Faw also seemed to always choose images of Angelina Jolie (a famous athiest) over the Pope when offered. Further proof the Faw strongly identified with the athiest cause:-

(Pictured) Angelina Jolie, Tomb Raider, and guy she found in tomb.

Faw did show some religious feelings, eventually coming to worship the small chute through which his meals would be provided on a daily basis. CASE officers observed Faw began various rituals to "bring forth food" from the chute which he has named in his own invented language"Pid*click*gin*click*click*naria".

Faw, of course, is unaware of the uncanny link between the name he has given his God and experiments performed by BF Skinner during the 1960's which explain the exact method of creating and following religion in humans. Of course, Skinner did not have the significant resources of CASE and was unable to procure a baby.

With the experiment over, Faw has been offered a job with the CASE child warfare department. Faw, who has no perceptible understand of any other languages declined the offer. Accordingly, CASE has given Faw a grant and some clothes so that he may continue his wonderful journey through life, we understand he has been offered a post teaching his own invented language at a Bachelor of Arts course, and we are certain he will be successful.
Everyone at CASE wish you all the best Faw.

The Atheists are coming!!!

We know that World Youth Day is nearly upon us, but CASE through its contacts in the underground network of athiest resistance fighters has learned of a worse betrayal than that done by the Commonwealth and New South Wales Governments. Through a raid on Richard Dawkins foundation in the United Kingdom, our secret plans for world domination have been discovered:-

Sunday, June 15, 2008

CASE engages in battle

As a CASE officer, It is often necesary that I engage in debate with theists to show how silly their beliefs are. These forums also give me an opportunity to spread the word of CASE and atheism in general.

On Saturday night, 14 June 2008, I once again engaged in debate with Josh Williamson of Operation 513, an opponent that I, on behalf of CASE, have battled numerous times. As per usualy, CASE was the winner of the nights proceedings with many people not understanding how Mr Williamson can make the connection between the Bible, an all powerful God and the necessity that evolution must be wrong. I point out yet again that abiogenisis is not something that could be denied in the modern climate of scientific endeavour. I even gave a brief description of abiogenisis to the crowd - albeit most of the audience were drunk or alternatively, from Operation 513.

It is interesting to note that Operation 513 feels the need to bring not less than 10 members to these marketing rallys, whereas CASE only needs 1. From hereon in, CASE has decided to take numbers of 513 operators and will keep you informed of their numbers over time.

CASE did get to have several in depth discussions with members of the crowd - however, CASE would never reveal such information as a breach of privacy, unlike some. A complaint was lodged on that night by a member of the crowd.

CASE has only just become aware of the Operation 513 battle log. Accordingly, our organisation is sure to develop further materials in response.

Thursday, June 12, 2008

Hands off the children

Why is it that Theists feel the need to infect Children with hatred and violence. I have just read this report regarding the teachings in an islamist school in the US which included textbooks from Saudi Arabia that:-
  • The authors of a 12th-grade text on Quranic interpretation state that apostates (those who convert from Islam), adulterers and people who murder Muslims can be permissibly killed.
  • The authors of a 12th-grade text on monotheism write that "(m)ajor polytheism makes blood and wealth permissible," meaning that a Muslim can take with impunity the life and property of someone believed guilty of polytheism. According to the panel, the strict Saudi interpretation of polytheism includes Shiite and Sufi Muslims as well as Christians, Jews, Hindus and Buddhists.
  • A social studies text offers the view that Jews were responsible for the split between Sunni and Shiite Muslims: "The cause of the discord: The Jews conspired against Islam and its people. A sly, wicked person who sinfully and deceitfully professed Islam infiltrated (the Muslims)."

What ever happened to calculus and trigonometry?

This is another example of Theists fighting unfarily. They know that their prototheories and philosophies of hate do not stand up to logic and modern science, so they go after the innocent, naieve and uneducated - children.

Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Campaign against the horrors

One of my most fundamental objections to religion is the psychological effect of bullying children "into damnation". It is natural for all children to, at some point, recognise their own mortality. It is certainly a scary realisation, even when repeated in adult life. Nonetheless, theist groups often tell children, specifically, that:-

1. There is an afterlife
2. It can be good (heaven) or bad (hell)
3. You will go to one of these depending on your behaviour
4. You will go to hell if you dont behave as (the theists) say
(the "afterlife proposition")

Firstly, we have no evidence for heaven or hell apart from the teachings of a wild man/preacher around 2000 years ago. Secondly, we have no evidence for an afterlife full stop. There is no transition from our biological state to any other state which can be identified. Accordingly, it is very likely that the "afterlife" proposition put by theist groups is fraudulent (and solely for the purpose of acheiving control per point 4).

We know that images of hell combined with a realisation of our own demise can be psychologically shattering for a child. Particularily for children without the ability to critique religion.

So why do we let theists terrorise young children with this hogwash given the harm that it causes to mental health? Well, the answer is because it is religion, hands off, dont touch - its holy and therefore out of bounds.

Fortunately, we are no longer constrained in this way, on the front lines of this battle, we can critique to our hearts content. That probably why this petition is going up - to stop the nightmares. I note the petition is for British Citizens, but you should check out the campaign anyway.

Personally, I think we should have a new campaign "Confront the inevitable - its coming anyway".

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Is that Theory or Law of Evolution?

As many of you are aware, a major difficulty for evolutionists has been proving positive mutations of genetic code. Until this there has been no actual observations of a species undergoing a change to their DNA which resulted in positive results.

The criticism of creationists that there were no observed events of positive mutation or "macro evolution" posed a big problem for evolutionist because it is a necesary step in the "theory of evolution". Effectively, the macro evolution involves the genetic code having new information added. Creationists have for a long time argued that new information cannot be added to the genetic code. Now we know better.

It appears the reason for not having observed positive genetic mutations in the past is due to their infrequent occurence. In the Linsk experiment, the mutation was observed forty (40) times. But we have to put that in the context that there were 40 trillion bacteria born. Accordingly, the prospects of genetic mutation between generations is a very infrequent event.

Nonetheless, we would expect that such mutations would not occur very often. A species success is more dependent on retaining the genetic traits that have made it successful for the current environment than in developing random new traits. Accordingly, multi chain prolymerase reactions which are used in DNA reproduction are far more effective at reproducing the same genetic structure than having "add-ons" or mutations randomly every generation.

There have already been calls for this work to be recognised with a Nobel Prize. I wouldnt go that far at this stage. I would however postulate that with the theists last argument against evolution annihilated by the evidence, we can start the push to change "The Theory of Evolution by natural selection" to "The Law of Evolution by natural selection"

Welcome to the Front

My fellow atheists, secularists, humanists and freethinkers, welcome to the front of what may be the most difficult battle in the age-old war between science and religion.

We have lost many heroes and suffered many defeats in this war. From Socrates who was forced to commit suicide because of his teachings to Copernicus and Galileo who had their works on the most basic of planetary systems annihilated because it did not coincide with Genesis. Even now, scientists and educators around the world face a daily battle with the forces of faith about what they can publish and teach.

In the face of overwhelming facts about the origins of religion, human psychology and evolution there remains a powerful lobby of faith based demagogues that influence politics and social issues. Our species cannot continue to shut our eyes to knowledge because it is inconsistent with our ancestors beliefs. That would be foolish.

So let us now prepare for battle. With the internet at our side we can now take the battle to those with faith and bring about a new era for mankind.