Sunday, June 15, 2008

CASE engages in battle

As a CASE officer, It is often necesary that I engage in debate with theists to show how silly their beliefs are. These forums also give me an opportunity to spread the word of CASE and atheism in general.

On Saturday night, 14 June 2008, I once again engaged in debate with Josh Williamson of Operation 513, an opponent that I, on behalf of CASE, have battled numerous times. As per usualy, CASE was the winner of the nights proceedings with many people not understanding how Mr Williamson can make the connection between the Bible, an all powerful God and the necessity that evolution must be wrong. I point out yet again that abiogenisis is not something that could be denied in the modern climate of scientific endeavour. I even gave a brief description of abiogenisis to the crowd - albeit most of the audience were drunk or alternatively, from Operation 513.

It is interesting to note that Operation 513 feels the need to bring not less than 10 members to these marketing rallys, whereas CASE only needs 1. From hereon in, CASE has decided to take numbers of 513 operators and will keep you informed of their numbers over time.

CASE did get to have several in depth discussions with members of the crowd - however, CASE would never reveal such information as a breach of privacy, unlike some. A complaint was lodged on that night by a member of the crowd.

CASE has only just become aware of the Operation 513 battle log. Accordingly, our organisation is sure to develop further materials in response.

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Anonymous said...

OP513 - that's some weird shit happening right there.

Look forward to CASE's further encounters with the nutters from OP513 Battle Log.

It's disturbing that a religious group uses the word 'battle'.