Saturday, June 28, 2008

Poll Results

CASE readers will be aware our recent poll question was "Do you believe the earth is less than 10,000 years old?".

The results are conclusive 8 to 5 that the earth is more than 10,000 years old. Yet again, democracy wins out. Of course, had it gone the other way we would have had a recount until we got the right result!!!

Our next poll is going to be on the terrible oppression of christians in modern Australian society.


Josh Williamson said...

G'day Alex,

Here is that info on Dawkins and Eugenics I was telling you about:

CASE - now with holiness said...

As stated on numerous occassions, Dawkins does not speak for all atheists. He is an individual and subject to flaw as much as any other individual (including say, Jesus)

However, CASE thinks the article misses the point of Dawkins - he is effectively saying, Why can't we breed individual genes into the gene pool.

CASE considers that when parents are deciding to have a child there should be no issue with them deciding to genetically modify their child. CASE supports the parents rights to choose in this manner.

If both parents have a history of breast cancer - then why cant they decide to turn off that gene in their child? Do you think that is immoral?

Diseases like Turner syndrome, Down syndrome, childhood leukemia, non-hodgkins lymphoma, MS, type 1 diabetes and many other diseases that kill children in their youth or disable them for life could be eliminated through genetic manipulation. Is that immoral?

Dawkins is saying that is part of it, he goes on to say - if we can eliminate negative attributes then why cant we promote positive ones. Like a facility for mathematics, music or athletics? If a parent wants to give such a gift to a child - where is the harm in that?

I doubt that, as implied by the article, Dawkins is advocating such manipulation across all of society or without consent of the parents.

CASE - now with holiness said...

PS:- There are many misleading statements in the article, but this one is a gem:-

Those like Dawkins often raise the spectre of religious wars and other ‘fundamentalist atrocities’, implying that if only humanity were to grow up and face life without God, we would finally attain some peaceful utopia. It’s important to note that religion had nothing to do with the vast majority of wars, e.g. Hutu-Tutsi war in Rwanda, Falklands War, Vietnam and Korean Wars, WW2, WW1, Gran Chaco War in South America, Russo-Japanese War, Spanish-American War, Prussian-French War, Crimean War, US Civil War, Napoleonic wars, Wars of the Roses, Mongol wars, Gallic War, Punic wars, Peloponesian War, Assyrian wars

Im going to refute some of the biggies here, although this list is not exhaustive by any measure:-

Hutu-Tutsi war in Rwanda (Catholic leader against minority, Catholic Church protects priests that pointed rebel troops to refugees resulting in genocide),

WW2 - Hitler was a chritian and beleived he was establishing a new Holy Christian Empire. all german soldiers had "God is with us" on their belt buckles. SS officers were initiated in Churches.

WW1 - Started by the assasiation of Arch Duke Ferdinad by Gavrillo Princip who was an unltra nationalist serb and christian fanatic (Serbia you will note has attempted religious genocide against the Bosnian Muslims over countless centuries and is suprisingly left off the articles list). Princip is quoted as saying:-

"There is no need to carry me to another prison. My life is already ebbing away. I suggest that you nail me to a cross and burn me alive. My flaming body will be a torch to light my people on their path to freedom."

Christian much???

Spanish-American War - Catholic spanish and mexican forces against Protestant United States forces. Fight over territory and then burn each others Churches. All population forced to convert.

US Civil War - Very strong religious undertones. Abolitionist in the north claim equality comes from bible. Slavers in the south claim slavery is endorsed by Bible. People die anyway.

Thing you have to ask yourself is - during all these wars and bloodshed, where was your pal Jesus? Where was God? Seems to me like if he could do something then he is an ignorant bastard for not doing anything, if he couldn't do anything then why call him God?