Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Southern Christian Organisation endorses Obama

The race for the United States Presidency is one of the toughest electoral races in the world. After 18 months of campaigning it appears that Barrack Obama will now be the voice of the Democratic Party, but he didnt get there alone. Strong support from religious groups is necessary to win the Southern States, and there is no better Southern Christian Organisation to get on your side than the KKK which openly endorsed Barrack Obama over Hillary Clinton.

Unbeknownst to many, the Ku Klux Klan (KKK or Klan) has had three incarnations since the American Civil War. It was during the second incarnation between 1915 and 1942 that the group reached its peak membership of 6,000,000. The Klan were homogenously Protestants and the large membership between 1915 and 1942 was primarily a response to the increasing social mobility of ethnic catholic and african americans, who had previously been seen as an underclass. The Klan claimed to be the defender of the protestant faith against foreign races, Catholics and Jews.

Ministers in the United Church, and other churches, in Canada and the United States supported the Klan and its efforts to homogenise society. When some United Ministers sought to criticise the Klan in 1928 they received a strong rebuke from the churches hierarchy:-

"Although the writer is not a member of the Klan, he has done thatwhich Dr. Endicott and Rev. Donell would do well to follow. Namely studycarefully the principles of this organization. They are such that any man professing the name of Christian can have no hesitation in accepting."

CASE considers the Klan to be one of the lowest forms of scum on the planet and does not support or accept any of their principles in anyway. Furthermore, CASE rejects all KKK activities - except for cross burning. Cross burning is a favourite passtime of CASE employees, burning churches is also a fun passtime (particularly when the theists are still inside). Of course, while CASE considers this to be purely for the purpose of ridding the world of idiotic icons of a corrupt faith, the KKK believed "that it is not destroying the cross, but "lighting" it, as a symbol of the members' faith" - What a smart bunch they were.
Above: Christians demonstrating their faith
and cooking marshmellows

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