Sunday, June 22, 2008

CASE officer prevented from heckling Muslims by evil woman

As CASE readers would be aware, CASE Officer Alex Stewart was meant to attend the Islam Exposed event in order to expose Islam. Unfortunately, Officer Stewart was prevented by this woman who can clearly be seen as censoring free speech:-

Apparently, taunting Christians is ok, but going after Muslims may result in bodily injuries.

Someone should have told these guys:-

CASE officers have now been disciplined and their resolve renewed. Furthermore, CASE officers have been given a direct instruction not to tell their spouses/partners when engaging in future missions - or they could face having to do the dishes for a week.


Anonymous said...

So you didn't even go to it, Alex?

CASE officer Alex said...

I wish - The evil woman demand I stay at the sunshine coast.

Anonymous said...

get a dishwasher