Thursday, June 19, 2008

CASE note - Street Preachers instigate violence

CASE has now analysed the battle log from Operation 513 on 7 June 2008. In particular this:-

Andre got up, and with Bible in hand began to expound on the Gospel of Jesus Christ. Not long into his message a rather vile man in a yellow shirt became very hostile and started to hurl abuse at the preacher. Andre tried to reason with the man, but he refused to listen. So Andre kept on preaching. The man then came in really close, and started to curse Andre and also God.

CASE officer Alex Stewart was on hand at the event and recalls a somewhat different turn of events. CASE officer Alex Stewart recalls the hate speech was begun by Operation 513 with statements to the crowd that unless they repented they would "be going to Hell". CASE notes the man in the yellow shirt was quite irratible, but that the events that followed would probably not have happened if Operation 513 members (otherwise referred to as the "mind slaves") had just gone out on the town and had a few recuperative ales.

By now the man in the yellow shirt was screaming at our camera man, so Andrew moved into position to guard the camera. The man soon lost interest in the camera, and started to threaten Andrew. Upon seeing this, I walked over to tell the man to calm down or we would be forced to call the police. The man just cursed, and me then bent down to get something out of his backpack. As the man bent down, another man emerged from the crowd and started to abuse the man in the yellow shirt. He was screaming that he should get some respect for the preachers, and also that he should shut up. Of course that is the sanitised version of what he said. Yellow shirt then started to challenge this other man to a fight, so I stepped in and told both of them to back off and walk away. As I worked on breaking those two up, and cry was heard from the crowd. I turned and saw that a fight had erupted in front of the preacher.

CASE dislikes violence of any kind (unless it is necessary to futher the One True Cause: Atheism). CASE officer, Alex Stewart, sought police officers prior to the fight errupting because he could see the matter was getting out of hand. CASE notes police officers were not present in the mall until a substantial time after the fight had broken out.

Then I noticed one of our regular hecklers come running in to join the fight. This was fast becoming a full on brawl. I sent two of the team members to run and get the police. The only problem was the police weren't in their usual location, so we had to wait some time before they arrived.
CASE officer Alex Stewart regularily attends Operation 513 street preaching events and he has never seen either of these "regular hecklers". CASE considers this is an unfair attempt to demonise hecklers by Operation 513.

Police did eventually arrive. CASE notes that Operation 513 did not show any photographs of the carnage that resulted from their actions, CASE can show these pictures:-

Above: Young men ruin lives because of Operation 513

The people involved in the brawl will probably be charged and face criminal prosecution. CASE wonders whether Operation 513 will bear any of the responsibility for the fight which was clearly the result of the agitating atmosphere they create on Saturday nights in the Queen Street Mall? Probably not. But CASE is upset at Operation 513's obvious tactics:-

By now there was a massive crowd watching the fight, security guards were present but they did nothing but watch on. The fighters must have realized that the police were coming, because they stopped fighting and ran.Since the crowd stood there in stunned silence, I decided to jump up and preach a quick two minute message to them. While I was preaching all I could see was a sea of blue police uniforms running up the mall. Quickly I gave the order to the team to tract everyone up, so the team set about tracting everyone in the crowd.
Overall the night was rather interesting! Praise God that His Gospel went forth!

Should we expect anything less than Machiavellian tactics from a group that will stop at nothing to convert others into their ill-begotten cause? Taking advantage of violence is not a moral thing to do, especially when you caused it!

CASE notes there are now several street preachers in Brisbane City that use disgusting tactics to further their corrupt marketing campaigns. For instance, this preacher stands at the corner of Albert and Elisabeth Street between 2 and 3 on Saturday Afternoons while showing obscene materials to passer-bys, including children:-

Above: Scaring the shit out kiddies for Jesus

Contrary to the Christian bloodiness of 7 June 2008, the worst crime an atheist carried out was a crime against fashion:-

Regular athiest attendee proving that despite being a largely mythological animal, there are such thing as fairies. (Please note, if this is offensive then please tell me and I will bring it down, albeit - you did it to yourself man).


Anonymous said...

crikes, things are a bit ordinary when brawls breakout.

New site already? What's with that?

Sean the Blogonaut F.C.D. said...

I was in Brisbane late last year, staying right in the city. These blokes are absolute wankers. I can't understand how they are not seen as a public nuisance - screaming their love for the zombie king at all and sundry.