Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Golden Crocoduck - must see


David Gee said...

Hmm, a long string of puerile videos based on a gross strawman idea of creationist and creationism. All when you refuse to respond to adult discussion regarding peer-reviewed papers on evolution/creation.

You claim to be interested in discusion of this area and able to prove what you claim regarding both birds evolving and evolutionary morality. Despite an entire week passing you again have avoided the issue and spent your time posting pointless material. I am disappointed to say the least, I have enjoyed discussions with you thus far but this is frustrating. You have commented a couple of times that Operation 513 posts are poor, but mate this takes the cake.

We are praying for you and remain commited to proclaiming Christ's saving death and resurrection to you. God Bless

David Gee said...

CASE can scientifically show all faith based organisations are wrong. With Science....Furthermore, CASE would be negligent if it did not engage in showing the works and policies of the faithful to be the fanciful wishthinking that it is.

Your statement of faith as such says that you can disprove the assertions of theists. Why then are you being negligent in your own works in the case of evolution? I and others have raised valid science that threatens the validity of your evolutionary world view. Why do you continue to vacilate and avoid the issue given what you believe?

CASE - now with holiness said...

Sorry, Im in the process of getting a new job (and sorting out my old one).

I will be back when I have the time. I haven't even had time to write any articles even though I find that very enjoyable.

In relation to the dinosaur lung, I will try and address everything as soon as I get my head back together.

David Gee said...

Fair enough look forward to the ongoing debate.

Until then I will continue to pray for you, God bless.