Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Should Dahmer go to Heaven?

As many of you know, I previously finished a degree in justice studies where I developed an interest in how serial killers operate. Serial killers are different to most criminals. Helen Morrison, a United States psychiatrist who has studied many serial killers has hypothesised that serial killers lack a developed personality and generally have the emotional development of an infant of about 100 days. It is for this reason that they are capable of acting with complete intelligence and having no hesitation in carrying out vicious acts of torture which they usually describe as experimentation. That is, the killing is only incidental to seeing what will happen when the experiment is performed.

Whenever I am told by theists that there is objective morality in the world, I sometime think back to what I know of serial killers and laugh. If there is objective reality then these guys missed that lesson.

I turn now to Jeffrey Dahmer, an electrical worker at a chocolate factory, Dahmer killed 17 people, had sex with their corpses and occasionally ate the remains. Some body parts were found in a sewer drain near his house as well as in his fridge.

Dahmer, like most serial killers, is a very good liar and can construct powerful realities, just as actors do. However, Helen Morrison found that while such killers are often charming in person, their charm wears off if one interrogates them for several hours without a break. This is caused by strain - because their charm and personality are artificial, they cannot keep it up forever.

Here is a video interview where Dahmer describes his coming to believe in Jesus Christ:-

And if you believe that, you would be a good victim too.

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