Saturday, July 5, 2008

Fundies are people too

For those of you that do not know, "Fundie" is a (derogatory) term that atheists level at "fundamentalist" theists, usually christians. A fundamentalist is a person that holds their faith as the fundamental underpinning of their worldview. It does not matter what evidence or experience that you provide to Fundies - they will always hold to their faith.

CASE psychological warfare division has been busily preparing the manual on helping friends that are fundies on the road to recovery. Entitled "Fundies are people too", the book should be available for the low price of $19.95 (incl GST) by Christmas.

During our research we ran across a terrible culture of poking fun at fundamentalists. Just look at the disgusting use of fundamentalists own words to deride their worldview at the Fundies say the darndest things website.

Of course, we atheists can't help at enjoying this guilty pleasure - watching the depserately irrational responses of those with "absolute knowledge" and where that can lead them.

I think the best example would be either this one from Heartbrokenbrad:-

actually (evolution) was darwins mean of destroying God because at seminnary he was a loser who got made fun of so he just got mad at God and didn't want to believe in him.

or this from Kimby:-

There is a Gay Agenda to force GLBT sexuality on every Christian, anywhere they dare exist out in the open. That is not myth, paranoia or urban legend. It is a fact

or see if you can spot the logical problem in this analysis of twentieth century global politics:-

I mean, hell, every US president since we've had the bomb has been an avowed Christian of some denomination or other, and we never deployed nuclear weapons against the Soviets or the Chinese on the grounds that we'd be welcomed into Heaven by Jesus for opposing communism. Likewise, despite their atheistic disregard for life and human freedom, the Soviets never deployed their own nukes in their unstoppable quest for world domination

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